‘Real community effort’ an owling success | Otago Daily Times Online News

Little Owls, Ida Valley

The Ida Valley and the little town of Oturehua is one of my favourite places, so I was very thrilled to come across this nice story today… Four Ida Valley owls were once centimetres from disaster.Now, with the strength to fend for themselves, the birds have flown off into the wild.Yesterday the young little owls…

Radio Interview with DOC’s Corey Mosen on Kea, and Ajax his Kea Conservation Dog 

Kea kick boxing in Mt Aspiring National Park

Corey and his dog Ajax have stayed with me a few times at Aspiring Hut in Mt Aspiring National Park, and this morning on National Radio he was interviewed by Kim HIll, where he gives an excellent 15 min. interview about where we’re at in saving our incredibly intelligent, loveable and witty alpine parrot Hear…

Kākā like men with beards


The South Island kākā are Nationally Vulnerable and of significant concern, especially when you see how they behave with bearded men. Their amusing antics and raucousness led Māori to refer to them as chattering and gossiping – now we can add grooming: Video courtesy of Brian Miller ~ https://lifelogs.co.nz

Are there more tūī in Wanaka, and other NZ towns?

NZ tui

Over the last few weeks a funny thing has been happening to me re. our New Zealand bird, the iconic tūī. Perhaps because I’ve been able to spend sometime with a few and apart from taking the opportunity to capture the way light reflects from their stunning feather colours and texture, I’ve also used their…

Race to protect the Pupū Springs near Nelson

Ducks at Pupu Springs

More properly named the Te Waikoropupū Springs, they’re the largest freshwater springs in New Zealand, and the largest cold water springs in the Southern Hemisphere and contain some of the clearest water ever measured this side of Antarctica’s near-frozen Weddell Sea, with a visibility of 63 metres. Antarctica aside the water clarity is in fact…