New Zealand’s clean green image – a couple of points of view

New Zealand's clean green image personified in the Strath Taieri

New Zealand’s clean green image personified in the Strath Taieri ~ photo Southern Light For the third summer running now in Mt Aspiring National Park, I interact with many tourists intent on being the overseas equivalent of a New Zealand tramper. Most know our “Clean Green” marketing ploy is not what it seems, and that…

Water incident a wake-up call: Prof Sir Alan Mark | Otago Daily Times Online News

Sir Alan Mark worked and earned tremendous respect in the Otago region long before being the recipient of a knighthood. His words below are well worth reading… University of Otago botanist Prof Sir Alan Mark says the Havelock North water contamination crisis is a ”major wake-up call” about the need for more sustainable agriculture and…

Poisoning the wells: a history of infected drinking water in Canterbury |

Recent events in Havelock North have triggered a growing interest in water quality! After a gloomy week of rain, the sun finally returned to Darfield. But the rain had brought poison, and the town soon fell sick.The crisis began with a smattering of upset stomachs, but ended with more than 100 seriously ill people. For a week in 2012, locals were vomiting and nauseous,…

This first good snowfall for the winter

A typical NZ scene – happy sheep that have just been fed and they’re quite oblivious in their thick wool coats to the heavy snowfalls on the mountains.