Newly weds today complete with lighting assistant [for two photographers behind to the right] and a silent but well known back-ground witness with it’s roots firmly in Lake Wanaka. Dismounting from my bike, [which maybe not what you expect coming from another culture], I asked if it was OK to take this, but no one…

This first good snowfall for the winter

A typical NZ scene – happy sheep that have just been fed and they’re quite oblivious in their thick wool coats to the heavy snowfalls on the mountains.

Dunedin to the east of Wanaka, and Haast to the west

In the last few weeks I’ve been fortunate to visit both the east and west coasts of the South Island – so coast-to-coast. This was originally a green broadleaf growing on the banks of the Ellery River in South Westland… And on the other side of the island, we have the lighthouse at Tairoa Heads…