Braided River Bird Monitoring – how it works

banded dotterel

Braided rivers are a common in Alaska, Canada, New Zealand’s South Island, and the Himalayas, which all contain young, rapidly eroding mountains. They are a unique environment inhabited by equally unique birds. They simply cannot contain a river in a straight line. In floods especially they carry sediment, and in places where the flow slows…

A new challenge in life

Otago Conservation Board members 2019

A few months ago I was surprised to learn I’d been appointed to the Otago Conservation Board, a statutory body. This had quite a flow to it so I decided it must have meant to be! The first thought I had was “goodness, Otago is a really large and diverse place”. For it spans east…

Otago’s Aramoana Ecological Area – The Spit and Pilot’s Houses

Sea Lion Aramoana

A few months ago I was privileged to be appointed to the Otago Conservation Board. Such appointments are made by the Minister of Conservation. The first duty of a member is to work to achieve the statutory interests of the board. Members are not representatives for any cause or organisation. Board meetings are public, and…

Exploring the Catlins – New Zealanders playing as tourists — part 3

catlins windswept trees at slope point