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  • Rat bait resistance – should we be worried? November 23, 2017
    Anticoagulant poisons are commonly used to kill rats in New Zealand and around the world. But at least 18 countries in Europe, America and Asia have reported growing resistance in their rat populations to these poisons. Are our rats growing bait-resistant too? Phil Cowan et al from Landcare Research investigated. “Rats, except kiore, are currently […]
  • Kiwibank Predator Free Schools announced November 21, 2017
    Predator Free New Zealand Trust has selected the ten schools that will take part in the inaugural Kiwibank Predator Free Schools programme. Over 75 schools applied to be part of the programme and the Trust were impressed by the high calibre of applications and the exciting plans schools had to engage their students in the […]
  • Possums sorted – look out Omaui rats November 20, 2017
    A few years back, John Collins of Omaui got sick of shooting possums every night. He decided more needed to be done. Omaui is a small village of about 30 houses in Southland, located right at the mouth of the Oreti River estuary, opposite Oreti Beach. “I’ve always been environment-minded,” says John, who is now […]
  • Narrow escape makes horror reading November 16, 2017
    It could have been so much worse… red foxes, Patagonian foxes, mongooses (or should that be mongeese?) – even badgers were proposed as a solution to New Zealand’s rampant rabbit problem back in the late 1800s. One entrepreneur actually thought burrowing owls might sort the rabbits out. Prof Carolyn King from Waikato University uncovered some […]
  • Curious Minds project lets kids keep tabs on their tabbies November 12, 2017
    The secret lives of Taranaki’s pet cats are currently being revealed – thanks to project funding from Curious Minds which has enabled the purchase of 60 cat harnesses fitted with GPS tracking devices. If you live in Taranaki and you’ve always wondered where your cat goes when it’s not at home, now is your chance […]
  • Secret life of urban rats revealed November 9, 2017
    Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) and black rats (also known as ship rats), (Rattus rattus), are among the most prolific and widespread urban pest species in the world. But what do we know about their secret city lives? After all – the more we know, the better we can understand what we’re up against. Just because […]
  • Predator proof nestboxes more than a pipe dream November 5, 2017
    Kathryn Marshall, helped by a team of Waimea Menz Shed volunteers, with some expert advice from ornithologist Peter Gaze, has designed and tested predator proof nest boxes for kakariki (parakeets) – and it all came about because she wanted to help another rare bird, the mohua (yellowhead). But before kakariki, before mohua even – it […]
  • Capturing the cryptic – finding better ways to detect stoats November 2, 2017
    When stoats were recently captured on video raiding the spring nests of rock wren, yet tracking tunnels failed to detect their presence, scientists became concerned about the effectiveness of tracking tunnels as a monitoring method in alpine regions. Was there a better way to detect stoats? How did other monitoring techniques compare with tracking tunnels […]
  • Wild beauty of Matukituki Valley continues to inspire October 29, 2017
    The beautiful, remote Matukituki Valley is located between Mt Aspiring National Park and Lake Wanaka. It’s mossy beech forests, pristine glaciers, alpine plants and birdlife (including noisy kea on the hut roof), inspired a young James K. Baxter to write ‘Poem in the Matukituki Valley’ back in 1949. Today thousands of visitors come to explore […]
  • Book: The Dotterels’ Last Stand October 26, 2017
    The Dotterels’ Last Stand by Sue Newman, beautifully illustrated by Paul A. Willis is a realistic and ‘almost true’ story of the challenges dotterels face in finding a safe nest-site. A pair of dotterels visit a number of familiar landmarks and buildings that will be familiar to Auckland children and the additional side-bar background information […]