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  • Rotokare Scenic Reserve valued and thriving once more April 10, 2018
    Rotokare Scenic Reserve, near Eltham in South Taranaki is a stunning reserve of mature native bush, wetlands and a 17.8hectare natural lake that was first gazetted as a reserve in the late 19th Century. But by the beginning of the 21st Century the area was in visible decline and that in turn, influenced some people’s […]
  • McGillivray’s orchard is ‘rat farm’ no longer April 2, 2018
    When Wilson and Barbara McGillivray announced to friends that they were buying an avocado orchard, the response from one friend was less than enthusiastic. “He said ‘So you’re going to live on a rat farm!’” recalls Wilson. “Rats love avocados.” Undaunted, the McGillivrays went ahead anyway and bought Awatea Orchard in Katikati. Having previously lived […]
  • Thermal imaging reveals Tekapo pests and predator March 25, 2018
    When Sam Staley went to the Defence Force’s Tekapo Military Training Area back in 1996 to run the Military Camp and Training Area for a three year stint, one of the tasks at the time was pest control. Today, 22 years later, he’s still there, and so are some of the rabbits, but after two […]
  • Twelve more Kiwibank Predator Free Communities announced… March 13, 2018
    From Auckland to Arrowtown and an assortment of towns and suburbs in between – the successful applicants for Round 3 of Kiwibank Predator Free Communities have just been announced. Every winner has a different story, but the 12 successful community groups all have something in common: a determination to free their community of predators and […]
  • Investigating a rat’s ‘landscape of fear’ March 8, 2018
    Cats and dogs are both predators of rats – but to what extent is the presence of cats and/or dogs a deterrent to rodents? How do you even measure how ‘nervous’ a rat feels? Scientists in far-off Swaziland used some interesting techniques to determine how uneasy rats felt in the presence of their natural predators. […]
  • Tawapou Farm hosts kiwi and grey-faced petrels March 4, 2018
    When Guy Bowden’s parents bought a coastal farm at Matapouri, Northland back in the mid 1960s they immediately fenced off some of the bush. That was before the days of the QE II National Trust and land covenants. Nowadays 94% of the 124 hectare family farm is in QE II covenant, made up of pohutukawa […]
  • Eradication – what about the social impacts? March 1, 2018
    Predator Free Great Barrier or Stewart Island? It’s already technically feasible. But is it socially feasible? When it comes to complete eradication of predators on inhabited islands there’s a lot more to consider than just the conservation benefits and technical aspects. People, their livestock, their pets and their lifestyle are all going to be impacted. […]
  • No sanctuary option for terns February 22, 2018
    Not every species can be saved by moving it to a predator free island. It has helped the black robin – but it won’t help the black-fronted tern. Islands simply don’t have the habitat that the terns need to breed. Black-fronted terns have a small, declining population and are classified as globally endangered. Predation is […]
  • Small Ōhiwa community are big supporters of predator control February 18, 2018
    When Ōhiwa resident Andrew Glaser pitched the concept of a management group to coordinate protection efforts on and around the Ōhiwa Headland, the community immediately liked the idea. Andrew found out just how much they liked the idea not long afterwards, when he was walking his dog one evening. The conversation went something like this: […]
  • Key tips for keeping kea safe February 15, 2018
    Kea curiosity can be fatal. The Kea Conservation Trust is urging people carrying out ground-based predator control in kea habitat to take extra precautions to avoid injury or death to kea. Together with kea specialists and predator control advisors, the group has put together a Best Practice Guide aimed at reducing injury or death to kea […]