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  • Cats vs Rats (and the big ones that get away) August 22, 2019
    ‘Giant rats’ in our cities have hit the media headlines in recent weeks and, while ‘rats as big as cats’ are unlikely to be stalking the suburbs, there do seem to be some large and well-fed rats lurking in urban areas. What’s more – the rats that your cat brings home may not be the […]
  • Lynmore School raises awareness of trapping August 20, 2019
    Lynmore School, in Rotorua, recieved funding as part of our Kiwibank School programme. Students from Room 1A provided us an update of what they have been up to in the last wee while. On the 1st of August, some students from Lynmore School in Room 1A decided to run a trapping information evening for the Lynmore […]
  • Review of conservation tools under development August 15, 2019
    The Journal of Ornithology has just published a review of the conservation tools being developed for New Zealand’s Predator Free 2050 eradication programme. The paper’s authors, Elaine Murphy (DOC and Zero Invasive Predators – ZIP), James Russell (ZIP and University of Auckland), Keith Broome (DOC), Grant Ryan (Cacophany Project) and John Dowding (DM Consultants) are […]
  • Fantails are a sign of change at Barry Farms August 11, 2019
    Rob and Alison Barry have noticed some changes on their Central Hawkes Bay farm block, Barry Farms, in recent years. Rob says he’s often followed by fantails and there seem to be more around. Barry Farms at Ashley Clinton includes an 8 hectare bush block which has been under QE II covenant for over 25 […]
  • How can we help native species in a mast year? August 8, 2019
    Graeme Elliott has been studying our native birds for 45 years and using his knowledge we’ve put together an overview of how we can best protect our native birds in a mast year.  For him the message is clear, the main tool that can be used to reduce the impact of a mast year on […]
  • What is a mast event and why does it matter? August 7, 2019
    There has been a lot of talk in the media about the beech mast and the mega mast. So what is it and why does in matter? Dr Graeme Elliot from the Department of Conservation shares his knowledge. Graeme Elliott has been studying our native birds for about 45 years and he’s interested in how we […]
  • Russell Orongo Bay Holiday Park wins Predator Free Award August 1, 2019
    Both kiwi and weka wander freely along the forest trails at Russell Orongo Bay Holiday Park and a total of 55 different bird species have been identified there, making the park a fabulous destination for nature-loving holidaymakers. Owners, Tori and James Burns encourage visitors to ‘Experience, Encounter, Explore’ the beautiful surroundings and have a long-running […]
  • Wildlife artist, Hannah Shand, captures the personality of native birds July 28, 2019
    When Hannah Shand studied fashion at University, she would choose to do art-based projects and always enjoyed doing things by hand rather than on computer. As a graduate, she moved to Auckland for a job in a fashion workroom, and found the workroom job wasn’t as creative as studying at Uni. “I wanted to do […]
  • Auckland’s bird biodiversity revealed July 25, 2019
    Urban landscapes are becoming recognised as important places of biodiversity. The concrete jungle can potentially be a great habitat for wildlife and having good biodiversity in our cities allows urban-dwellers to interact with nature in their daily lives. So how does New Zealand’s largest city stack up in the biodiversity stakes? Todd Landers, Samuel Hill, […]
  • St Joseph’s students keen to enhance school wetland July 21, 2019
    St Joseph’s School in Waitara used to have a problem. The school is built on the site of an old riverbed and every winter their rugby field got boggy. So in 2010 they built their own wetland! Great solution – but that was only the beginning. “The wetland is about 10 metres wide and 100 […]