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  • Wainui Beach pupils use building skills to help wildlife October 13, 2019
    Wainui Beach is a small, beachside community on the outskirts of Gisborne. In 2017 the students at Wainui Beach School made nesting boxes for their local little blue penguins. This year they’re putting their building skills to use again with a new project. “We’re building trap tunnels,” says Years 3 and 4 teacher, Nic Shand. […]
  • New toxin combination tested for rats and possums October 10, 2019
    Up until the 1950s, most pest control toxins for vertebrates, including rats, were fast-acting. While a quick death for pests is a good thing humane-wise, the issue was, rats didn’t necessarily die. They’d try a little toxin, quickly feel the effects and sensibly refuse to have anything more to do with it, before they’d consumed […]
  • Bushy Point volunteers hold Triple Celebration October 6, 2019
    Otatara Landcare Group (OLG) in Southland has just celebrated its 20th year and two other impressive milestones: OLG’s total volunteer effort has reached 15,000 volunteer hours and 30,000 locally grown native plants have now been planted at its flagship restoration project at Bushy Point! So how did Otatara Landcare’s volunteers celebrate? They planted more trees, […]
  • Road hazards for wildlife more than just a collision risk October 3, 2019
    When you think about roads and wildlife, the first thought that springs to mind is a collision with fatal consequences. But roads can impact wildlife in a whole range of ways and more evidence is needed on the most effective ways to mitigate those impacts. Lights at night, noise as a barrier to foraging, loss […]
  • Rare orange-spotted gecko lives only in alpine zone September 26, 2019
    There’s a rare and colourful gecko known to live in only a few boulder fields and rock jumbles in the alpine areas of Queenstown Lakes and Central Otago districts. It’s been named the orange-spotted gecko and was only discovered as recently as 1998. Not surprisingly, very little is known about the orange-spotted gecko – but […]
  • Saving mohua motivates Makarora Valley trappers September 22, 2019
    Ian Turnbull’s father was a member of the Central Otago Lakes Branch of Forest and Bird back in 1998 when the group first began trapping in the beech forest of the Makarora Valley near Wanaka. Now Ian himself is retired and part of the dedicated trapping team. “There were a small number of mohua left […]
  • Citizen science monitoring method outlined and tested September 19, 2019
    Monitoring wildlife population densities in our ‘mainland island’ fenced sanctuaries is an important part of measuring sanctuary success and assessing the longterm costs and benefits of predator-exclusion fencing. Such fences don’t come cheap, after all. But finding and maintaining the funding, personnel and motivation for longterm monitoring projects can be a challenge. If specialist expertise […]
  • MIRO helps out overlooked banded dotterels September 15, 2019
    For the last 20 years or so, an area of gravel has been slowly forming at Robinson Bay on the Eastbourne foreshore, just across the harbour from Wellington City. Then about 9 years ago banded dotterels (pohowera/tūturiwhatu) arrived and began trying to breed on the beach, right in front of Eastbourne’s houses. The shingle expanse […]
  • Hibernation or torpor? Understanding our weird and wonderful bats September 12, 2019
    Let’s be honest – New Zealand’s wildlife is weird. There are alpine weta that can freeze and thaw, kiwi with their amazing sense of smell and mammal-like behaviour, booming kakapo, carnivorous snails – and then there are our bats. The closest relatives of our short-tailed bats live in tropical locations. Our little short-tailed bat is […]
  • Biodiversity strategy discussion document September 11, 2019
    The NZ Biodiversity Strategy is an important document that sets out the framework for how we protect our biodiversity and ensure it thrives over the next 50 years. The Department of Conservation has recently released a discussion document which will help inform the final strategy. This document is particularly important to those involved in community […]