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  • Hot News from the Cold South: An update on Maukahuka Pest Free Auckland Island December 18, 2019
    As 2019 ends, so does the feasibility stage of the Maukahuka Pest Free Auckland Island project. This ambitious project proposes to eradicate pigs, mice and cats from Auckland Island (46,000 ha), the largest island in New Zealand’s World Heritage listed Subantarctic region. This is a significant project for Predator Free 2050 and success would complete […]
  • Video camera study reveals rare birds in ruru diet December 12, 2019
    The ruru (morepork) is a predator – but it’s certainly not on the ‘predator-free’ hit list. Those slots are just for introduced mammal predators which haven’t co-evolved with our vulnerable native species. Ruru do prey on other native wildlife however, including endangered species, as a recent study carried out on Tiritiri Matangi Island reveals. Sarah […]
  • Lance Richdale – first protector of albatross at Taiaroa Head December 8, 2019
    The world’s only mainland breeding colony of Northern Royal Albatross – at Taiaroa Head on the Otago Peninsula – might not exist at all if it weren’t for one man. His name was Lance Richdale. From 1928-1959 Lance Richdale was an agriculture/nature study instructor with the Otago Education Board, visiting schools across Otago to inspire […]
  • Kaikoura red-billed gull study reveals predator impacts over 52 years December 5, 2019
    If you park up at the beach with a feed of fish and chips it can seem like red-billed gulls are common and thriving. But 52 years’ worth of observations and monitoring data from New Zealand’s biggest gull breeding colony on the Kaikoura Peninsula tells a somewhat different story. Mammal predators are part of that […]
  • Would summer eradication of rodents work for Auckland Island? November 28, 2019
    Approximately one-third of New Zealand’s islands are now free of all invasive mammals. Could Auckland Island be next? Predator control and eradication operations are often carried out in winter – when predators are hungry and uptake of bait likely to be greater. But when it comes to eradications of sub-Antarctic islands, like Auckland Island, the […]
  • Near-barren island transformed to harbour sanctuary November 24, 2019
    Matakohe – Limestone Island in Whangarei Harbour, was once the site of Matakohe pa, with extensive kumara gardens. Later ‘Limestone Island’ was home to a cement works, one of the earliest industrial sites in Whangarei and founded in 1856. Then, after the cement works was abandoned, limestone was quarried on the island until 1963. The […]
  • Future conservation role possible for urban lizard gardens November 21, 2019
    City dwellers and urban lizard gardens could play a significant role in future skink and gecko conservation in New Zealand, according to research just published in the journal Landscape and Urban Planning. Turning part of your garden into some desirable reptile real estate could really make a difference. Researchers Christopher Woolley, Stephen Hartley, Rod Hitchmough, […]
  • Video logger films at-sea foraging of yellow-eyed penguin November 14, 2019
    A male yellow-eyed penguin from Boulder Beach on the Otago Peninsula, recently became a video star for researchers Thomas Mattern, Michael McPherson, Ursula Ellenberg, Yolanda van Heezik and Philipp Seddon, who were investigating the use of high definition video loggers to study marine wildlife. Even the scientists were surprised by how much they could learn […]
  • Breeding season underway for yellow-eyed penguins – 2019 Bird of the Year November 12, 2019
    It’s ‘all go’ for yellow-eyed penguins – 2019 Bird of the Year – and those who help protect them. ‘Penguin Season’ is underway in Otago and Southland as staff and volunteers from the Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust search for this year’s nests in North Otago, Otago Peninsula and the Catlins. Dave McFarlane is Field Manager for […]
  • Dual 1080 application could be key to possum and rat eradication November 7, 2019
    Dual 1080 operations – would two toxin applications a few weeks apart work better than one? Possibly, if a few other conditions are also met. Currently, aerial 1080 drops are used to control introduced predators, but not expected to totally eliminate them. Aerial 1080 application is used to knock predator numbers right down and give […]