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  • New clues in the search for synthetic lures June 13, 2019
    Peanut butter is the standard rat attractant – and apparently, they’re pretty keen on chocolate and Nutella too. But researchers at Victoria University of Wellington’s ‘Centre for Biodiversity and Restoration Ecology’ have come up with some chemical compounds that wild rats seem to rate even better than peanut butter. The quest for an irresistible rat […]
  • Ten more Kiwibank Predator Free Communities announced… June 10, 2019
    We are pleased to announce the addition of 10 communities to our Kiwibank Predator Free Community programme — taking the total number of communities to 55. The latest round of funding was highly competitive, with an overwhelming number of applications. The majority of applications were from well organised, highly motivated communities wanting to make a […]
  • New Zealand Bird Atlas project launched June 6, 2019
    An ambitious 5-year project to map the birds of New Zealand across every part of New Zealand was launched at Queen’s Birthday weekend. It’s called the New Zealand Bird Atlas and organisers are hoping to involve as many New Zealanders as possible in spotting, counting and recording the birds they see – be it at […]
  • Nina Valley Restoration students celebrate 10 years June 3, 2019
    The Nina Valley Restoration Group is 10 years old this season and in those 10 years, the Years 7 to 13 students from Hurunui College who make up the group have learnt an impressive array of kiwi-handling skills. The students not only know how to hold kiwi correctly and safely (those legs are strong!) – […]
  • Latest research from Otago University and DOC investigates rock wren and 1080 May 30, 2019
    Recently there have been several research projects looking at predators in the alpine environments of the South Island. It’s a completely different ecosystem to the much-studied lowland forest systems and there’s still a lot to be learnt about the key predator threats to our alpine species and how best to address those threats. In his […]
  • What do bird populations need to thrive? May 28, 2019
    The interaction between habitat restoration and predator control is a topic of great interest to us at Predator Free NZ Trust. In 2017 Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research created a series of info-graphics that looked at just that. Focusing on the Cape to City Project, they asked what do bird populations need to thrive? They identified […]
  • Ross and Eleanore Webber determined to beat possum come-back May 26, 2019
    Ross and Eleanore Webber farm Angus beef on a 195-hectare property at South Head, overlooking the Kaipara Harbour and have been trapping on their farm since establishing two QE II covenant blocks 15 years ago. “We’ve got more proactive in the last 2-3 years,” says Ross, “Especially trapping possums. Possums were eliminated on the peninsula […]
  • PF2050 – do young people support the goal? May 23, 2019
    To achieve a predator free New Zealand by 2050 – or by any date – the majority of New Zealand will need to back that goal. Young people in particular need to want it to happen and be engaged in making it happen. After all, it’s their future, 30 years from now, that we’re talking […]
  • Create a Lizard Friendly Garden May 21, 2019
    Has your school got a neglected patch of playground that would benefit from a make-over? Want to make your own garden or backyard more wildlife friendly? Maybe you’re looking for a weekend activity that adults and children can enjoy together. Why not make a lizard garden. It’s fun, it’s easy and we can show you […]
  • St Andrews Primary plans to trap predators and feed rescue raptors May 19, 2019
    St Andrews Primary is a rural school in South Canterbury where children and teachers have strong ties to their natural environment. They’ve recently become a Kiwibank Predator Free School – but that’s just the latest in an impressive lineup of conservation projects ranging from monitoring endangered mudfish to helping orphaned and injured harrier hawks and […]