Exploring the Catlins – New Zealanders playing as tourists — part 3

catlins windswept trees at slope point

Exploring the Catlins – New Zealanders playing as tourists – part 2

Stinkhorn fungi and flies, Catlins, Otago, NZ

Prior to this five day trip down the length of the coastline south of Dunedin known as the Catlins, my knowledge was limited to widely spaced out experiences such as an outdoor first aid course at the largest town Osaka, a school trip to a camp at Pounawea, a marvellous tramping and bushcraft training trip…

The SPCA’s anti-1080 policy isn’t just naive, it’s dangerous | The Spinoff

Dead stoat poisoned by 1080

I’ve known for years that the cost and logistics of managing and eventually eliminating the introduced predators that are killing off our native bird species is not possible with trapping alone, and that even if it was we would not have enough people in New Zealand to do the job, man, woman and children included,…

Exploring the Catlins – New Zealanders playing as tourists – part 1

Catlins Estuary sunset

While composing the first of three posts [too many photos for one] on this southern Otago coast-line what comes to mind is shipwrecks! This, because of spending an hour or two in the museum at Owaka, and if I recall correctly there have been dozens of them [an on-line search will easily bring up the…

Rogue weather for a roadie from Central Otago to the Mckenzie Basin and back again via Dunedin – Wanaka Images and Photography

Lake Pukaki dust storm

Up until a couple off months ago I’d not done much in the way of New Zealand native bird photography for awhile, so wanting to visit relatives on the east coast starting from Timaru then proceeding through Oamaru to Dunedin and as I’ve done before I hatched a plan to visit favourite inland places that…