Mou Waho Restoration Project | Lake Wanaka

top: Up close and personal with a local mountain stone weta
A lake with an island in Lake Wanaka - it's much higher btw
A lake with an island in Lake Wanaka – it’s much higher btw

The Mou Waho Island Restoration Project is centered around a very special island on Lake Wanaka.

A feeling of magic prevails helped in part by it having an island on a lake on the island!

Twenty or so years ago it was infested by wilding pines which have been successfully cleared as part of a plan by the Dept. of Conservation to restore the island to a natural state. This included the re-introduction of the buff weka, which were translocated to a another island on Lake Wanaka from the Chatham Islands, where chicks were raised in a large purpose built aviary.

A cliff over looking the lake on Mou Waho
A cliff over looking the lake on Mou Waho

It is now estimated [it’s terrain is very rugged] that there are 160 birds on Mou Waho. Trapping is carried out to ensure that any predators that swim there will be caught.

DOC is also in a very successful partnership with Eco Wanaka Adventures and Chris and Lee do a wonderful job of assisting in managing the project – even getting tourists who sign up for their regular boat trips and guided walks/picnics to plant a tree, and making sure they meet the local weka, weta and geckos

Today we completed yet another annual planting – about a doz. of us planted about 80 natives trees. The trees were carried on the DOC boat, and the rest of us travelled in the Eco Wanaka Adventure boat.

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Eco wanaka adventures
Eco Wanaka Adventures boat at the Mou Waho jetty – check out the water quality under the boat!