Videos of last year’s Sustainable Summits Conference, at Mt Cook

Mt Cook Aoraki

Last winter I attended the inaugural, for NZ, Sustainable Summits Conference, at Mt Cook Aoraki Village and did several posts on same. It was one of the most interesting multi-day events I’ve ever attended. For it’s duration my friend Carla Braun-Elwert filmmaker editor artist, made videos, and she has now published them as below.

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Ed Hillary Statue, The Hermitage Mt Cook Aoraki
Ed Hillary [statue] checks out the conditions on Mt Cook in the distance

Mt Cook AorakiMt Cook Aoraki in it’s winter splendour, as seen from the approach road to the National Park

Mt Cook AorakiMt Cook again from the more unusual viewpoint on the north side of the Tasman River Valley and Lake Pukaki