Kākā like men with beards


The South Island kākā are Nationally Vulnerable and of significant concern, especially when you see how they behave with bearded men. Their amusing antics and raucousness led Māori to refer to them as chattering and gossiping – now we can add grooming: Video courtesy of Brian Miller ~

A year in the life of the Matukituki Charitable Trust operating in Mt Aspiring National Park

NZ falcon becoming airborne

The Matukituki Charitable Trust which operates in Mt Aspiring National Park has just released a newsletter which is reproduced below, [unless otherwise indicated photos and italicised text are by Donald Lousley who btw is proud to have been involved trapping, monitoring and making photos towards assisting with the great results as outlined below]: Kia Ora…

The many moods of Lake Wanaka

Lake Wanaka sunrise

Sunrise on Lake Wanaka from the mouth of Bullock Creek near the town center and dinosaur park children’s playground   A summer “chop” on Lake Wanaka from the prevailing nor west winds in summer. The edge of Ruby Island to the right   June 2017 – Black Peak in the back ground of this Lake Wanaka photo,…

Winter Weather Temperature Inversions in southern New Zealand

Cardona Valley Inversion Cloud

Temperature inversion is a reversal of the normal distribution of temperature near the ground, in which a layer of colder air is overlain by a layer of warmer air. Whereas normally air temperature usually decreases as you go higher. There are four types: ground, turbulence, subsidence, and frontal, but in the case of large areas…

Are there more tūī in Wanaka, and other NZ towns?

NZ tui

Over the last few weeks a funny thing has been happening to me re. our New Zealand bird, the iconic tūī. Perhaps because I’ve been able to spend sometime with a few and apart from taking the opportunity to capture the way light reflects from their stunning feather colours and texture, I’ve also used their…