Sustainable Summits 2016, 2nd day, 9 Aug

Please scroll down to see the slide show [many thanks to Ross Cullen for supply the words]

Session 4

  • The Everest Environmental Story
    Dawa Steven Sherpa
  • The Denali Story – The Clean Climb Program
    Roger Robinson + video by Geoff Hill [shown later
  • Panel ‘Keeping the Mountains Clean’
    Dawa Steven Sherpa, Roger Robinson, Pascal Mao, Moderator: Stuart Gray

Session 5

  • Sustainable Practice – A guiding company’s role
    Guy Cotter
  • Environmental impacts – waste
    John Cocks and Tom Hopkins
  • Norm activation theory and human waste education in Recreational Setting Kristine Route
  • Iwi perspectives on human waste management Paul Carr, Dave Milner and Bubs Smith
  • Speakers and from the floor

Session 6

  • Field visit: Repeat of the previous day

Session 7

  • Sustainable accommodation
    Karen Rollins
  • Huts – New Zealand context (Mid Tasman fly-in hut)
    Derek Chinn
  • Q&A
    Speakers and from the floor

Slides of the various presentations/events in chronological order – click on any one to see a slide show [these images are a free download, they’re 750 px wide and thus good for FaceBook, however they are not right-clickbale, so if you email I’ll temporarily disable this so they can be easily dragged or copied..

Sustainable Summits PODCAST DAY 2 ~ courtesy of Carla Braun-Elwert. Filmmaker, editor and artist


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